Water Absorber for Diesel

Red Tank Snakes are used in applications where smaller plant and equipment work low hours.

The Snake will help eliminate the chances of microbial growth (Diesel Algae) and corrosion inside the diesel tank.

Rotate every 2 – 3 months or more frequently in high humidity areas.

Replacement is advised when the snake becomes dirty, damaged or after several uses.


Prevents microbial growth (Diesel Algae) and contaminants that clog filters and lead to engine problems

Tank opening needs to be >50mm for easy fitment and removal

Continuous use

Product is reusable

Neodymium magnets collect rust and metal particles

Removes water and rust from tank

Easy installation and removal by high strength nylon tether line



Where to use

  • Smaller plant or equipment (mobile or static)
  • Low hour diesel equipment
  • High humidity areas


  • 600mm long x 20 mm diameter (2 ft x 1'')

Easy Installation and Removal by High Strength tether line.

Removes Water and Rust from tank.

Products is reusable

Which Tank Snake is right for your situation & tank size?

SnakeType Description Application Size 
REDReusableRemoves Water + Rust. Has Neodymium Magnets insideSmall Plant and Mobile Equipment600 x 25 mm

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Red Snake – 600 x 25 mm

Removes Water and Rust. Has neodymium Magnets inside. For use in Small Plant and Small Moblie Equipment. Long term.